Many have probably seen them on social media or heard terms like Nerdgummies, Nerdballs, or Nerdropes. These are gummy sweets coated with "Nerds" candies from America.


This combination creates a very unique texture and also a very special taste. Moreover, a lot of cannabis or THC can be distributed in the Nerdgummies without obtaining a strong cannabis flavor.


The colorful sugar beads are usually somewhat sour, which stimulates saliva production and ensures that a large portion of the active ingredients are absorbed through the mucous membranes, significantly speeding up the onset of effects.


All in all, Nerdgummies are one of the most practical and delicious edibles available.


The production of CannaNerds has never been easier with our new kits. Everything you need is included in one set. You simply need to extract the active ingredients and then mix them into the delicious CannaNerds.

You can find out exactly how in the instructions or in the recipe video.

Special Features The biggest feature of the NerdGummies is the flavor.

The combination of gummy bears, Nerds, and cannabis is simply brilliant.

The colorful sugar spheres cause your mouth to water, providing a brief sour moment before the CannaGummies slowly come through. Together with the sour colorful sugar spheres, they create a true taste experience!


Dosage & Effect

As always with dosing, many factors can influence the intensity and duration of the effect.

That's why we've created a general dosing chart with more information.

If you have no experience with edibles, it's crucial to read this beforehand!

The effect is similar to other chewable sweets. That means a small part of the active ingredients is absorbed through the mucous membranes, which, along with the contained sugar, ensures that the onset of effects occurs a bit earlier than with brownies, cookies, etc.

Therefore, you should generally expect to feel effects within 15-45 minutes.



What's in the box?

We offer a kit with which you can easily produce very potent CannaNerds from your cannabis.

The box contains all non-household ingredients and materials along with detailed step-by-step instructions in the CannaNerds recipe.

The special feature is the easy production with a guaranteed high-quality final product. The taste and appearance are unbeatable, and the finished sweets rival industrial edibles from America and the like.


How long does production take?

With our special recipe along with the best conceivable solvent, you can make your CannaNerds in about 2 hours.


How many servings are produced?

The guideline in the recipe is to make 30 CannaNerds from 5g of cannabis, so 30 servings. Depending on whether you prefer weaker gummies or want

to produce real powerhouses, you can vary and adjust the amount.


Can CannaNerds also be made with hash or similar?

All our edibles can also be made with hash, extracts, or trimmings. However, poor-quality material can sometimes result in a fairly dark final product. Always remember that the quality of your CannaNerds goes hand in hand with the quality of your material.


Does any potency get lost in the process or is everything extracted?

During the process, nothing is lost. All active compounds are extracted and end up in the final product!

With the old recipes, the active compounds were sometimes not perfectly extracted. We have optimized this, and our new methods extract ALL active compounds in the shortest possible time from your cannabis or similar.


How long are the CannaNerds shelf-stable?

If you store the CannaNerds airtight, they are very long-lasting. Just as long as commercial gummy bears. Thanks to the included DYO Liquidizer, the CannaNerds even stay softer longer than the unprocessed gummy bears.


How much plant material is typically needed?

With each box, you process up to 5g of cannabis to standardly produce 30 CannaNerds. You can also adjust the size of the CannaNerds to your needs.


Is the box subject to narcotics law?

The box is completely legal. As a cannabis patient, you use your own cannabis and process it with the help of the box.

The finished CannaNerds, however, are subject to narcotics law regulations.


How does the effect compare to smoking a joint?

The effect typically begins within 15-45 minutes, depending on how much you ate beforehand and how high your tolerance is. The effect, however, is much more intense and longer-lasting than when vaporizing.

The special feature of the CannaNerds is the early onset of effect. Some active ingredients are absorbed through the mucous membranes by chewing. This leads to the active ingredients entering the bloodstream faster and starting to take effect within 15 minutes.

If trying oral cannabis consumption for the first time, everyone should approach cautiously to find the right amount for themselves.


How long does the effect last?

The effect comes on very quickly and, for this reason, usually doesn't last as long as other fat-based edibles.

The duration of the effect is about 3-6 hours.