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Craft your own CannaLean with our innovative crafting kit. CannaLean is a versatile product that includes THC or CBD-infused syrups. Customize your syrup to suit your preferences, choose from a variety of flavors, and adjust the THC or CBD concentration. Our CannaLean Crafting Kit provides you with all the necessary ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and tools to create high-quality syrups and craft unique CannaLean beverages.



Create your own CannaNerds with our CannaNerds Crafting Kit. These crispy candies are infused with THC or CBD, offering a delightful and discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Tailor the infusion, concentration, and flavors to your liking. Our CannaNerds Crafting Kit includes everything you need, from ingredients and detailed instructions to specialized molds and tools, enabling you to make delicious and personalized CannaNerds.



Craft your own CannaCaps using our CannaCaps Crafting Kit. CannaCaps are convenient capsules containing THC or CBD, providing a simple and precise way to consume cannabis. Customize the capsule size, infusion, and concentration according to your preferences. The CannaCaps Crafting Kit comes complete with all the necessary ingredients, comprehensive instructions, and tools required to create high-quality CannaCaps and personalize your cannabis experience.