Welcome at Do-Ya-Own CannaGoods.


Here you can find all the information about us and our Sets.

We produce DIY production Sets for edibles and other Cannabis products. 

Everything you need in one Set. Except the weed to keep the sets legal in whole Europe.


The Sets contain all the necessary Know-how to produce store-quality edibles in just a few hours. 

Just some household ingredients and kitchen tools like water, sugar and a oven or microwave is needed. 

Also there are all the ingredients and materials together with a simple recipe so you really need nothing else neither weed know-how or cooking know-how to produce this high quality edibles. 


Feel free to discover our edible world. The Sets are available in our shop do-ya-own.shop.

Our shop is available in English language as well.


If you have problems with ordering or just have a question, you can write us anytime an E-Mail and we are trying to respond as fast as we can.