CannaCaps are THC capsules, essentially cannabis tablets or pills, perfectly suited for cannabis patients as their use resembles that of many other medications. They have a long shelf life in the refrigerator and are overall very practical.

Using coconut fat along with special boosters, the capsules fully exploit the potential of the cannabis used.


The production of CannaCaps is based on the "Oldschool" method, where the buds are directly infused into the carrier material, which is then filled into the capsules. This process requires a contact time of about 3-4 hours, but the solution and cannabis need very little transferring or processing.

Filling the capsules works quite well with our method, but it's easiest if a second person helps briefly with the filling, as this allows several capsules to be filled at once, reducing the filling time from about 10 minutes to 3 minutes.

Special Features of CannaCaps

The capsules are completely tasteless and very discreet. They have very high bioavailability and provide a very long-lasting effect, making them particularly suitable for aiding sleep.


Dosage & Effect

The dosage of CannaCaps is very uniform but must be planned in advance. The capsules are difficult to divide, so at least one must be taken. Therefore, it is important to ensure they are dosed to be on the weaker rather than stronger side.

If you have no experience with edibles, you should approach cautiously. That means: start with small portions, ideally from about 0.05 - 0.1 g of buds, and wait at least 60 minutes between each dose. The effect typically begins within 40-60 minutes but is strongly dependent on whether and how much was eaten beforehand. If the stomach is empty, the THC is quickly metabolized and sent to the liver, where it is converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC and then sent to the brain.

If the stomach is still digesting a previous meal, it will first digest that meal and then release the THC. In this case, the effect may not occur until 2-4 hours after ingestion.

So, if you want to approach cautiously, always do so on an empty stomach.

Generally, the capsules work similarly to cannabis brownies as the THC in the capsules is released delayed and then perceived almost suddenly. Therefore, it is very important to wait long enough between doses when using the capsules.



What's in the box?

The CannaCaps manufacturing kit is a set with which you can easily create your own very potent THC capsules from your cannabis. The box contains all non-household ingredients and materials along with detailed step-by-step instructions in the CannaCaps recipe.

The special feature is the easy production with a guaranteed high-quality final product. The capsules are very discreet yet potent.

Additionally, you have the option to not fill the oil into the capsules but to use it for cooking instead!


How long does production take?

The production is very simple but requires a bit more "contact time" than other sets. It takes about 3-4 hours for the Magic Coconut Oil to absorb all the active ingredients.


How many servings are produced?

The set contains approximately 65 capsules. It's up to you how many you fill. If you want to make strong capsules, you should fill them to the brim. However, if you want to make weaker capsules, you can freely determine the dosage based on the amount filled.


Can the capsules be made with hash or similar?

All our edibles can also be made with hash, extracts, or trimmings. However, poor-quality material can sometimes result in a quite dark final product. In the case of the capsules, this is not so important, but if you intend to cook with it, you should take this into account.


Does any potency get lost in the process or is everything extracted?

The new sets are designed to extract all active substances in the shortest possible time and transform them into highly professional edibles.


How long are the capsules shelf-stable?

The capsules are stable for 6 months+. However, they must be stored in a solid state (below 25°C). Generally, the capsules should not remain in a liquid state for too long, as this can soften the capsules and cause some of the oil to leak.


How much plant material is typically needed?

With each box, you process 5g of cannabis to make up to 65 capsules.


How can you cook with the set?

You will be advised in the recipe before you fill the capsules.

You can then simply pour the oil back into the bottle and use it for cooking.


Is the box subject to narcotics law?

The box is completely legal. As a cannabis patient, you use your own cannabis and process it with the help of the box. The finished oil or capsules, however, are subject to narcotics law regulations.


How strong is the effect of the capsules compared to vaporizing?

The effect typically occurs within 30-120 minutes, depending on how much you ate beforehand and your tolerance level. The effect is much more intense and longer-lasting than when vaporizing.

With the capsules, the effect does not set in as quickly as with other sets, but it lasts much longer.


How long does the effect last?

The effect typically lasts 8-14 hours.