What is Do-Ya-Own

Do-Ya-Own is everything you need to produce store-quality edibles in your own kitchen. All you need in one Box. Except the weed. You have to take your own. Otherwise, our sets wouldn´t be legal in the most European countries.


There is all the know how (recipes), ingredients and materials you need to produce each edible as fast as possible in the best quality you could get.


Benefits of Do-Ya-Own


Cannabis can be consumed in many ways. The most common is the smoking of flowers which is not very healthy.


Cannabis is often consumed orally as edibles. Common are brownies or teas. But during the production important active ingredients can get lost and the products are difficult to produce and to dose.


Do-Ya-Own is the solution.

We are specialized in providing easy-to-produce and tasty cannabis drinks for everyone.


Our CannaLean sets are built like a baking-mix.

You only need household materials and ingredients such as a cooking pot, a stove, water and sugar.

All other materials, instructions and ingredients can be found in the sets!


You can chose the strain that you use for cooking your CannaLean.

Through that you can decide which effect you´ll get from your CannaLean



More benefits

- easy production with a few simple steps

- with & without alcohol

- good dosing through coordinated ingredients

- rapid onset of action and increased bioavailability

- intensive effect through special effect enhancers


- longer duration of action

- no baking or any cannabis know how necessary

- no side effects from smoking or similar

- no waste, all the active ingredients are extracted

- Made in Germany