CannaLean is one of the most innovative products in the world of edibles. It is a sugar syrup that contains all the active compounds from the cannabis plant.


What's special about it is that these compounds are normally not water-soluble and only remain dissolved in a sugar syrup through complex, industrial production.


However, we now make it possible to create such a syrup in your own kitchen. You don't need any machines or any additional materials and ingredients. Everything you need for production can be found in the new Do-Ya-Own CannaLean Production Kit.


And the production takes only 45 minutes!


CannaLean is versatile and super easy to dose. Above all, it is very inconspicuous and a great alternative for everyday use. It can be consumed as a single dose shot, which also creates an immediate onset of effects, or it can be drunk as a long drink over a longer period of time, which also creates a slower onset of effects. Just mix it into Sprite, Fanta, water, or your favorite beverage. It blends well into any drink!"


Creating a high-quality CannaLean without additional materials is quite complicated, as the cannabis compounds are oil-based and do not dissolve in sugar syrup, causing them to settle immediately and float on the surface like oil drops. There are several DIY recipes online that generally produce only weak results, where glycerin is used as a solvent, which is nearly ineffective for extraction. Our recipes are based on our own, which have completely changed the production of CannaLean.

Even with our old recipe, it had to be cooked for at least 12 hours to then "only" get most of the active compounds in the finished syrup.

However, I have now developed a completely new recipe that can dissolve 99% of the active compounds and process them into a high-quality cannabis syrup within 45 minutes.

This new recipe is the result of 12 years of cannabis experience, 8 years of cannabis processing experience, and 6 years of professional experience in making CannaLean.

I am convinced that with the new set I have created a helpful and very innovative product that anyone interested in edibles or their production can benefit from.

What is even more important is that cannabis patients, without any further know-how, can produce a perfect CannaLean in just 45 minutes, without any need for cooking or cannabis experience.



Dosage & Effect

The dosage of CannaLean, like other edibles, depends on many factors. It should be noted that edibles can be very intense and much stronger than a joint, vaporizer, or similar. This is because the THC-A in cannabis is not converted into Delta-9-THC as when smoking, but into 11-Hydroxy-THC. This can break through the blood-brain barrier up to 6 times faster and thus lead to a much more intense effect.

For example, if you normally smoke 0.3 g of buds, 0.05-0.1g of buds in the syrup should lead to a similar result. Unfortunately, this also depends on several factors. For instance, there are people in whom edibles almost have no effect, while smoked cannabis acts quickly. But the opposite is also common, where there is a high tolerance when smoking, but a small dose of syrup leads to massive effects. This seems to be related to blood pressure and metabolism. Unfortunately, I have not found any research on this. Everyone must find out for themselves how they react to edibles.

If you have no experience, you should approach cautiously. That means: start with small amounts, best from about 0.05 - 0.1 G of buds and wait at least 45 minutes between each dose. The effect typically occurs after about 20-60 minutes, but it strongly depends on whether and how much was eaten beforehand. If the stomach is empty, the THC is quickly broken down and transported towards the liver, where it is then converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC and sent towards the brain.

If the stomach is still digesting the previous meal, it will digest that first and then release the THC. This can mean that the effect might not occur until 2-4 hours after ingestion.

So if you want to approach cautiously, always do so on an empty stomach.

In general, the syrup acts differently than usual brownies, as the THC in CannaLean is quickly released, and a small part can thus already be absorbed through the mucous membranes. Due to this and the sugar, you can sometimes even notice a mild effect after just 10-15 minutes. However, as mentioned above, the effect usually starts after 20-60 minutes. With brownies, on the other hand, the effect usually starts only after more than an hour.



What's in the box?

We offer a set with which you can easily cook a very potent syrup from your cannabis. The box contains all non-household ingredients and materials along with detailed step-by-step instructions in the CannaLean recipe.

The special feature is the easy production with a guaranteed high-quality final product. Our basic Lean has a special composition according to our own recipe. This makes it possible to mix the dissolved THC permanently in the water-based CannaLean without further processing. Since THC behaves like oil, this is hardly to not at all possible without our Basic Lean.


How long does production take?

With our special recipe along with the best conceivable solvent, you can make the CannaLean within 45 minutes.


How large is a serving?

This depends heavily on tolerance. A typical medical portion is about 5-10ml. A strong portion with high tolerance can also be 25ml+. You should calculate once for yourself how many consumption units you otherwise get from 5g of cannabis and then divide the result by 250ml. This should allow you to approach it very well.


Can the syrup also be made with hash or similar?

All our edibles can also be made with hash, extracts, or trimmings. However, material of poor quality can sometimes result in a dark final product. Therefore, always remember that the quality of your CannaLean goes hand in hand with the quality of your material.


Does any of the effect get lost in the process or is everything extracted?

With the new method, it is possible to extract all active compounds in the shortest possible time from the cannabis and to produce highly professional edibles from it.


How much syrup can you make with the box?

A total of 250ml CannaLean filled into a 200ml and a 50ml CannaLean bottle.


How long is the syrup shelf-stable?

About 4 months. If you plan to store the CannaLean that long, then you should keep it in the fridge.


How much plant material is typically needed?

With each box, you process up to 5g of cannabis to produce a total of 250ml CannaLean.


What is the best way to mix CannaLean?

You can take CannaLean pure as a shot or on a spoon, or mix it with any drink. Either classic with Fanta or Sprite or with juices etc. Be creative and create a completely new drink.

You can also make delicious cocktails with your CannaLean. On our Instagram profile, you can find simple recipes for tasty CannaCocktails.


Is the box subject to narcotics law?

The box is completely legal. As a cannabis patient, you use your own cannabis and process it with the help of the box. The finished CannaLean, however, is subject to narcotics law regulations.


How strong is the effect when drinking compared to vaporizing?

The effect usually occurs after 20-60 minutes, depending on how much you ate beforehand and how high your tolerance is. However, the effect is much more intense and longer-lasting than when vaporizing.

The special feature of CannaLean is the adjustable onset of effect. You can drink your syrup as a shot to get a direct and quick effect.

You can also mix a long drink and drink it slowly and continuously to also get a slow and continuous onset of effect.

If trying oral cannabis consumption for the first time, everyone should approach cautiously to find the right amount for themselves.


How long does the effect last?

The effect typically lasts 6-12 hours.


Can CannaLean be mixed into both cold and hot drinks?

You can mix your CannaLean into any drink. Of course, also in your coffee or tea and any other hot drink.


How strong is the effect if you do not smoke or consume at all, can you still drink the CannaLean?

The high is comparable to a joint but more intense. Because you can slowly drink the CannaLean and thus approach your dose, CannaLean is also optimal for inexperienced users.


Is there alcohol in CannaLean?

You make CannaLean 3.0 with alcohol. However, if you want to cook your CannaLean without alcohol, you can use the evaporation set to remove all the alcohol during production.

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