The Production-Kits

Make your own THC edibles with Do-Ya-Own CannaGoods

Creating THC edibles, THC drinks, and THC vapes can be this easy.


Discover the freedom to make delicious and personalized THC edibles yourself with our DIY kits.

All you need is your own cannabis and an oven.



What’s included in our kits?

Our comprehensive kits provide you with all the necessary ingredients and materials, including detailed step-by-step instructions.

Just unpack and get started!


How does production work? Do I need to prepare anything?

With our kits, you can easily and comfortably make your own THC-infused treats at home. Simply procure high-quality cannabis, prepare the ingredients and materials from your kit, and follow the instructions to activate the THC compounds through decarboxylation. Then, extract the THC into a base such as oil or butter before adding the infused base to various recipes and baking your edibles. Always start with a low dosage and store the finished products safely.


Remember: THC edibles have a stronger effect than smoked or vaporized cannabis. Start with a low dose and observe how your body reacts. Keep the edibles safely stored, away from children and pets.


With Do-Ya-Own CannaGoods, you can fully unleash your culinary creativity and create high-quality THC edibles at home. Start your THC edible journey today and experience unique flavors and effects!

What sets are available?


We have production kits to make the following products:



A THC-infused syrup that can be used to make long drinks and cocktails.

It can also be consumed as shots or used to create the famous "Sprite-Lean" mix.


Delicious THC-infused fruit gummies coated with original Nerds from the U.S.A.

An entirely new taste experience that is unforgettable!



Potent and especially inconspicuous capsules with a THC-coconut oil mixture.

Very healthy and easy to dose. (The THC-coconut oil can also be used to garnish dishes.)



Fun, sour THC-infused fruit gummy sticks that are especially easy and quick to make.

Super sour and super fun!



The famous vape pens with pure cannabis ingredients. No glycerin, PG, etc.,

just cannabis extract liquified with cannabis terpenes.