CannaLean production sets for your own kitchen!

 Cannalean is a sugar syrup that can be processed into delicious Canna-Cocktails or into a mixed drink with lemonade or soda.

In addition, it contains all the active ingredients of the cannabis plant which can be absorbed without smoking it.


We produce CannaLean production sets for the own Kitchen.

The Do-Ya-Own Cannalean set contains everything you need for the extraction and further processing of your own CannaLean.

With one Set you can produce 2x250ml CannaLean which contains 5g of Cannabis each.

Insteed of flowers or buds, you can use any kind of CannabisExtract to produce your CannaLean.


Due the narcotics law in Germany and other countries the user must provide the cannabis.



All other materials, ingredients and recipes that are perfectly matched includes the Do-Ya-Own Cannalean set. You only need a Oven, a boiling pot, a jar, water & sugar.