For a while we had 9 different sets in our stock. However, we are currently only selling the remaining stock and will initially only produce the most important sets in a new style.

In the future we will also offer other sets as spontaneous exclusive drops with limited quantities.

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We will continue to produce our 3 main products in large quantities and can also

offer much faster shipping for these sets.


The 3 main products are the CannaLean, which will receive some upgrades.

The CannaNerds who will also get some upgrades

and a completely redesigned CannaCaps Box that has many more options.


With the new sets, the focus has been on making crafting as quick and easy as possible.

The new sets are the professional result of over 6 years of experience in the field of edibles, cannabis edibles and the general processing of cannabis of the highest quality.


So no matter if you want to make cannabis drinks in your own kitchen,

want to make delicious cannabis edibles & cannabis sweets yourself,

or if you want to try cooking with cannabis, you will find the right basic sets with us.

 Making cannabis edibles yourself and producing other cannabis products in your own kitchen is no longer a problem.

Our Products

CannaLean 2.0


Sweet Sugar Syrup for drinking.

consumed as a Shot, Cocktail or mixed in your favorite soft drink. Even mixed with water it tastes very good.


In The Box are also 15 Cocktail-recipes to make something special out of your CannaLean.

Try something new ;)


Production time: 1-3 Hours

Flavors: Cherry, Blueberry, Lime

Cannabis: 1-10g


Pcs./size: 250ml at all



Just some capsules with a whole lotta THC in it.


Very potent and very stealth with an enormous high bioavailability. 


You can produce around 50 Capsules with 1-5g of your own weed. So, you can choose if the capsules should have 5-6mg, around 25mg or even up to 100mg+ THC each. But this heavy and I would only use such a high dose in very heavy pain or similar. 


production time: ~4-5 Hours.



The CannaNerds are looking so mouthwatering.

They don’t just look like that, I can tell you. 

 The lightly sour Nerds together with the sweet and earthy Weed gummies are insane.

 With one Set you can produce up to 15 Nerds in the size of the Picture. But they are a little bit to big anyways. So cut them smaller and you got around 30 little Nerd gummies with up to 5g of your bud.


production time: 2-3 Hours



Either Hard-Candys or Lollipops.

It is your choice!


 You can take the included original Jolly Rancher Hard-Candys out of the USA or every other Hard-Candys to produce your own very potent and tasty infused Bonbons/lollipops.

 But be careful. No other Product hits as hard as the CannaBons.

So, I would recommend them to people with a high tolerance


 Production time: 2-3 Hours

Pcs.: 15 




I think all of you have seen this before. Even in Europe but still rare. Until now. Produce a high-quality Cannabis-concentrate in just a few Hours.

There is no knowledge or anything like this needed. You only need your weed, a bowl for the oven and the oven itself. Everything else you can find in the Cannawax set.

 It is hard to get some golden/yellow concentrate on such a low budget. But with the right tricks it is possible. So, get yourself a Set and learn how you can make them by yourself in a very short Time.

The Wax on the picture is produced with this method out of 10g of high-quality fermented cuttings. 

So, your Do-Ya-Own CannaWax can exactly look exactly like this.



Your favourite Sour Gummies infused with your bud.

 The Sets contains everything to produce 30 SourPatch Kids or Watermelons, which are include in the Box.


But you can take every sour gummi you like.

So hit your favorite Apple rings, Peach hearts or anything else which is covered sour sugar.

 Production time: 1-2 Hours

Cannabis: 1-5g

Pcs/size: 30